Audit & Assurance
It is crucial that the auditor you choose is not only technically competent but also thoroughly understands your business.
At Hall Chadwick we devote the necessary time to understand your business.

Meeting Your Needs

Client Needs

Hall Chadwick QLD delivers

Experience and knowledge of the regulatory and financial reporting requirements.A partner will be personally involved in advising in respect of the up to the minute regulations and financial reporting requirements.
Strict planning and timetables to ensure that all deadlines are met.A timetable will be drawn up and agreed with you at the commencement of the audit. This timetable will be continually checked and updated in meetings with you.
All critical and contentious issues are dealt with on a timely basis, not at the end of the audit where this might result in timetables not being met.Our audit is built around the identification of critical issues so that contentious matters can be detected and dealt with in discussions with management.
Clearly defined channels of communication between the audit team, and the staff and the board of Evolve Salons, allowing co-operation and the ability to build solid working relationships.Commitment to personalized attention and respect for staff with an emphasis on working together with your people.
Sufficient capacity of the audit team to complete engagements well in advance of deadlines.Involvement of manager and partner at all stages of the audit to ensure completion is not delayed, together with regular communication throughout the year.
Cost considerations in the audit fee whilst at the same time delivering a quality audit service which fully addresses all critical issues and compliance with all regulatory and reporting requirements.We have a highly trained audit team who are able to deliver a highly efficient audit. Our hourly charge rates are very competitive and this allows us to conduct audits at an optimum audit fee level.
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