Client Spotlight: Olympia Body Transformation Sanctuary


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Based in the Brisbane CBD, Olympia is headed up by founders Greg and Cleo Evangelou. Greg and Cleo speak about their story of business growth, and the challenge of managing lockdowns during COVID.

Video transcript 

Greg: There’s an old saying with choosing friends, which is you choose friends based on what’s happening in the most difficult times of your life. You don’t choose friends when everything’s going great. And to me above anything and any experience that we’ve had with Hall Chadwick, with Connor and Brett, that would be a part that stands out the most.

Greg: I suppose, Olympia started as an idea to do things very differently to what generally happens in the fitness industry. I’ve been in the fitness industry since I was 17 and Cleo, since you were 17 as well, so many years. and up until whole Chadwick, we really had and been getting a, a great experience with our accounting. So we were referred to Hall Chadwick, which is how we found Brett. And what we found is we got a big name with hall Chadwick with lots of credibility, by a more personalized service. It’s been  seven or eight years since we’ve been with Hall Chadwick and I can put my hand on my hear,t and I and Cleo’s the same, and say that we’ve just never felt anything like that.

Cleo: Something I’d say for us is that our vision with Olympia was to always be the opposite of a normal gym. And that our club is really based off relationships and genuinely caring about people and genuinely caring about their journey, not just, okay, let’s rip off five kilos or 10 kilos or 30 kilos, and then be done with them, or just the people who are the loudest that we pay the most attention to. And I feel like Hall Chadwick, and especially working with Connor and Brett, have had really similar values in that sense. It’s been a time of a lot of uncertainty, but something that I haven’t ever felt was I have never felt uncertain in where our financials are going based on what was available.

Greg: When you have your accountant that actually trains in your business, you know, they really believe in what you’re doing and our team believe in them too.

Cleo: Absolutely. Because our team get to talk to our accounting team on a daily basis. I don’t think many businesses can say that.

Cleo: We jokingly refer to Connor and Brett as our brains trusts. And that is for pretty obvious reasons, they have such a wealth of knowledge, far greater than what we could know in accounting. But also in business in general, because we have been able to come to the guys for advice on a few different things,  not only what you would expect from an accountant.

I don’t think that we would be having those opportunities if the last two years hadn’t have unfolded how it had. And if we didn’t have that support and I guess accountability for a better word of our accounting team.

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