Community: Making Art Inclusive for all Children


Hall Chadwick QLD congratulates client Pia Robinson from The Culture Crusader, for winning the Moreton Bay Regional Council and Innovate Moreton’s first Creative Industries Demo Day with her project Martin and Friends: Enabling through Augmented Reality (AR).

Pia’s project aspires to be an inclusive tourism exhibition and engagement program, aiming to transform 2D artwork into engaging AR that can be accessed anywhere, enabling a national reach and an inclusive cultural experience for young people on the spectrum or with sensory processing sensitivities. 

The project is a national touring exhibition celebrating Strathpine artist Martin Edge which aims to engage and inspire young children in particular.

It will be launched at Pine Rivers Art Gallery in 2023 and will incorporate Augmented Reality to “activate a 2D image” so children with a “busy brain” can use a mobile phone or other device to engage with the artwork long after they leave the gallery.

“Technology is enabling. We’re pushing the boundaries of how technology can be used as an enabling tool,” she says.

Next steps for Pia

The Martin and Friends: Enabling through Augmented Reality (AR) project recently secured $60,000 in Arts Queensland funding and it is the only Queensland and only visual arts initiative which is part of this year’s Creative Partnerships Australia.

Pia says it is an Australia Cultural Fund MATCHlab recipient, which means if she raises up to $5000 the project will receive matched funding.

“The overall budget is nearly $250K which we are slowly chipping away at to maximise the reach nationally – and ‘export’ an incredible Moreton Bay cultural asset to the world,” she says.

If you should like to support Pia and her fundraising efforts for this inspiring project, please visit this link to the fundraising page.

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