Drought Preparedness Grant


With ever increasing need for primary producers to become drought ready, it is important to take advantage of grant funds where possible. As such we would like to make sure you are aware of the QRIDA Drought Preparedness Grant program.

Grant Overview

The Drought Preparedness Grant is designed to help primary producers implement strategies that enhance preparedness, mitigate risks, and sustainably manage water resources during drought conditions. The grant is offering 25% of the cost of purchasing new permanent capital infrastructure to a maximum grant of $50,000 over five years.

Eligible Applicants

To be eligible for a Drought Preparedness Grant, applicants must:

  • demonstrate at least one person in the primary production business meets the definition of a primary producer;
  • demonstrate an ability to provide the remaining contribution to the grant requested;
  • demonstrate that any necessary regulatory approvals have been obtained; and
  • present a Farm Business Resilience Plan satisfactory to QRIDA.

To be eligible for a Drought Preparedness Grant, applicants must not have:

  • made an application to the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries supported by an invoice issued in the past six month period for assistance under:
    • a freight subsidy under the Drought Relief Assistance Scheme
    • the Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate under the Drought Relief Assistance Scheme; and
  • previously received a Drought Preparedness Grant for the same project activity.

Eligible Projects

To be eligible for funding, the project will:

  • involve the purchase and installation of new permanent capital infrastructure;
  • improve the ability of the primary production business to prepare for; continue to operate in; or recover from drought conditions;
  • be a drought preparedness activity listed in your Farm Business Resilience Plan for the primary production business; and
  • not have commenced the project before the assistance is approved. (Deposits however may be paid for the purchase of materials or engaging contractors up to 90 days before the application for assistance).

For more information on eligible projects and what permanent capital infrastructure is applicable, please contact us to discuss.

Application Process:

  • complete the QRIDA Drought Preparedness Grant Application form;
  • prepare and provide a Farm Business Resilience Plan;
  • provide a Statement of Financial Position;
  • provide quotes associated with the costs for new permanent capital infrastructure;
  • submit your application to QRIDA by:

Email: contact_us@qrida.qld.gov.au

Post: GPO Box 211 Brisbane Queensland 4001

Fax: 07 3032 0300

Please note if you do not already have a Farm Resilience Plan, we can assist and provide advice on completing one, in which case you could be eligible to receive an additional Farm Management Grant, which provides a maximum rebate on our costs of 50% or $2,500 (whichever is less).

For more information on eligibility criteria, application guidelines, and inquiries, please visit www.qrida.qld.gov.au/program/drought-preparedness-grants or contact your HCQ advisor to discuss.




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