Is it a Scam?


You should only provide your personal information, like your tax file number and bank details to people that you trust.

Scams and scammers are tricks and fraudsters that get you to pay money or divulge certain personal information that allows other people to impersonate you.

They can contact you via phone, email or text message and may advise that the Australian Taxation Office or another government agency or financial institution will pay you a refund or bonus in a ruse to get details such as your bank account or credit card numbers.  They may even play on your vulnerabilities and scare you into transferring your money to them.

Reputable financial institutions and government departments will never contact you in these ways and ask for this information.  They will never get you to click on links in emails for you to change passwords or upload personal information.

This type of fraud activity has risen in recent times and many people although sceptical still end up being scammed.

What should you do? 

The ATO has provided some simple yet effective ways to ensure you are not scammed.

If you get a phone call

  • hang up on anyone who says they are from the ATO and threatens to arrest you
  • delete all pre-recorded messages saying they are from the ATO. Do not phone them back.

If you get an email or text message

  • think carefully before responding to any email or text message from the ATO
  • ask someone you trust if it looks real or phone the ATO on 1800 008 540 to check
  • don’t click on any links asking you to log on to an online service with your user name and password

This is a reminder to keep your guard up.  If you are unsure about any unusual contact, please feel free to give our office a call and speak with one of our team members.  They will help you determine the authenticity of these types of interactions.

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