Land valuation appeals for flood affected properties


Recent news of the reassessed Queensland Government land valuations has shown a significant increase across 30 LGAs with an average increase of 22.7%.

Residential and rural properties have been some of the biggest movers including properties in the Boulia Local Government Area of 35%, Burke 328%, Carpentaria 335%, Croydon 222%, and Etheridge 192%.

The valuations however were conducted prior to the February flood and rainfall event which affected many properties in these LGAs. The Minister for Resources Scott Stewart has recently announced that the department urges flood-affected property owners to appeal their land valuations, especially if their properties flooded for the first time in February. Details of how to lodge the appeal are included in every valuation.

In further positive news for affected property owners, the appeal will consider property owner appeals beyond the standard 60-day period and the Minister will take an empathetic approach when considering appeals lodged by affected residents beyond that period.

For any landowners who believe recent flooding has impacted the value of their land, please contact 1300 664 217 or visit

For any further assistance please contact your Hall Chadwick QLD advisor.

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