Tax Time Monthly: June 2018

It’s tax season and we’re keeping you informed with the latest on Budget Legislation, Year-End Planning key issues, 2018-19 rates and thresholds released by the ATO so far and more on super, GST and state taxes.

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2018-19 Federal Budget Update

Our 2018 Federal Budget report will show you how the budget will effect you and your business.

Inside our 2018-19 Budget Report:

2018-19 Federal Budget Highlights
Personal Tax Rates
Income tax & Superannuation
Black Economy Measures
Indirect Taxes and more

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Tax Time | May Edition 2018

May 2018 Edition focuses on this year’s pre-budget announcements, small business CGT bill introduced into Parliament as well as looking at Buyer’s obligations to paying GST on new residential premises.

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Tax Time | April Edition 2018

R&D Registration Deadline – 30 April 2018  
If your company is intending to claim the R&D Tax Incentive for the 2016-2017 income year and it ends on 30 June 2017, your R&D Tax Incentive registration application must be lodged by midnight local time on 30 April 2018.

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Common Sense Prevails with Release of Labour Hire Regulations

Our latest update regarding the introduction of labour hire regulations. With the release of the regulations on Monday the 19th of April, small and family businesses have received welcome relief from situations where the draft regulations may have previously had a significant impact. Crucially, the regulations provide further clarification on what constitutes a labour hire business for the purposes of the Act, as well as providing some exemptions for “prescribed employees”.

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Deadline Looming for Single Touch Payroll Employers

Single Touch Payroll (STP) is the ATO’s latest initiative aimed at streamlining payroll reporting for employers and tracking payments to employees. This months newsletter article will cover the implications of STP for employers and key dates to be aware of.

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