RideWest departs for Longreach


As accountants we like to keep things numerical, as such we could say RideWest has been a journey of hundreds and thousands.

From road permits and safety equipment to uniforms and catering, there have been hundreds of hours dedicated by volunteers and supporters in organising this incredible charity ride.

Our riders’ legs have pushed them through thousands of kilometres of training rides, many before the crack of dawn and some up the steepest mountains in South East Queensland.

But what it’s all been for is raising tens of thousands of dollars for the Royal Flying Doctor Service RFDS ‘Wellbeing Out West’ mental health program.

Needless to say the lycra has arrived and our Hall Chadwick QLD RideWest riders are ready to depart on the 8 day ride to Longreach. With the ride just one sleep away, the team leaves tomorrow on Friday the 22nd April.

Please join us in wishing them luck on this epic ride! For all those who have donated, we thank you sincerely for your contributions.

For anyone who may still wish to donate and help RideWest reach their target of $500,000 for the RFDS, please visit our riders’ fundraising pages here:

Andrew Perkins  – https://ride-west.raisely.com/andrew-perkins

Dugald Warby – https://ride-west.raisely.com/kate-warby

Greg Kelly – https://ride-west.raisely.com/greg-kelly

John Sloman – https://ride-west.raisely.com/john-sloman

Rob Sendall – https://ride-west.raisely.com/rob-sendall

Toby Winten – https://ride-west.raisely.com/toby-winten

If you should like to keep in touch with the RideWest journey, follow the Hall Chadwick QLD page on Facebook or the RideWest charity page for updates as the team travel to Longreach.

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