Audit & Assurance
It is crucial that the auditor you choose is not only technically competent but also thoroughly understands your business.
At Hall Chadwick we devote the necessary time to understand your business.


From our many years of experience in dealing with all types of business entities and a diverse range of businesses, we believe that the main criteria for selecting an audit firm to conduct your audit are:

  • Capacity to complete engagements well in advance of deadlines
  • Audit fees which are appropriate to the various stages of growth and size of a company
  • Frequent and close communication with management
  • Problem solving during the course of the audit rather than at the completion of the audit

Our audit team can provide services to meet each of the criteria. Our firm has the skills, expertise and capacity to deliver a high quality audit within imposed deadlines, efficiently and cost effectively.

We provide a fixed fee for our services. The initial fee is arrived at after gaining a good understanding of your company and the complexities involved in your business operations.

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