Mining & Mining Services

Hall Chadwick QLD has many years’ experience in providing advice to businesses in exploration and mining, oil & gas services.  We have also acted for mining and gas companies on a consultancy basis, particularly compensation claims and negotiation and land management use issues.

The firm has existing clients operating in states throughout Australia and overseas in this area.

Through our experience we developed the following capabilities:


  • Detailed specialist knowledge of industry specific issues
  • Regular detailed taxation planning process conducted prior to year end to optimise the tax position of a business
  • Assistance with Research & Development tax offsets and other government grants


  • Provision of accounting services to all types of structures
  • Detailed knowledge of accounting standards
  • Preparation of Statutory Accounts as required by ASIC
  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements for company groups


We provide audit services and advice to clients in this sector including:Listed coal mining companies

  • Mining companies listed on overseas stock exchanges
  • Large privately owned infrastructure and mining construction businesses
  • Private businesses providing services to the mining and gas sector

Banking & Financing

  • Multiple successful applications for facilities for a wide variety of transactions including property & business acquisitions, carry on funding and working capital requirements including debtor finance
  • We have been closely involved in family and corporate transactions and restructures

Cash Flow Management & Insolvency

  • Providing specialist advice in Reports to Directors regarding corporate governance, cash flow modelling and viability assessments
  • Providing consultancy services in relation to turnaround or enhancement of the performance of enterprises
  • Providing specific advice and assistance as temporary CFO and boards of advice

Coal & Gas Compensation

  • We have been closely involved in negotiating with Coal Seam Gas companies with respect to Conduct & Compensation Agreements, Easement Agreements and Option payments in Queensland
  • We have also been involved in negotiating with multinational coal companies’ compensation agreements due to resumption & proximity of coal developments in Queensland
  • We have also been involved in negotiation valuation methodologies with respect to the quantum of compensation
  • Our firm has acted for Coal Seam Gas and Coal Companies
  • We are a recognised panel expert for Queensland Gas Company (a subsidiary of British Gas)
  • We are in close contact with Brisbane based legal experts with respect to the uncertain taxation environment surrounding compensation payments

Due Diligence & Valuation

  • Our consulting/corporate services division has prepared multiple due diligence reports in respect of acquisitions of mining services businesses
  • As stated above, our firm is a panel expert in respect of the valuation of land and business interruption due to coal seam gas development & pipelines
  • Providing business valuations for mining services businesses

Business Planning & Advice

  • Our firm prepares Business Plans in conjunction with management to assist businesses strategically
  • We regularly prepare 5 year business models for clients
  • We also regularly prepare 3 way cashflow models for business clients
  • We have assisted clients in high growth phases manage their cash flow and finance facilities

Estate & Succession Planning

  • We have been involved in the succession planning for clients as their business and assets are passed from one generation to the next
  • We have provided advice regarding employee share ownership
  • We have provided advice regarding management buy outs
  • Our firm has both the financial and interpersonal skills to assist clients with this transition
  • We also have close, long term relationships with legal experts working in this field


  • We have assisted clients in assessing opportunities for capital such as private equity and stock exchange listing
  • While the majority of our clients are family based businesses, we also represent public companies
  • We offer a full range of audit, specialised tax advice and corporate advice to corporate clients
  • We have been involved with management to assess the ongoing viability and financial situation of gold mining companies
  • We have assisted an Australian company with overseas mining exploration permits to raise capital
  • We are able to assist clients with initial public offers and other forms of capital raising
  • In association with our National Association, we are able to offer services to inbound foreign investment, in particular from China


Whilst we work across a range of clients, as an indication we have worked with businesses operating in exploration, mining services such as training, engineering and rigging companies and gas services companies as mentioned above

Director contacts

Michael Cameron – Business Services & Taxation
John Sloman – Business Services & Taxation
Craig Torry – Business Services & Taxation
Andrew Perkins – Corporate Services & Consultancy