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To help you reach your goals, we get to know your business intimately, together with the environment in which it operates.
Our partnering approach and commitment to client service will ensure that timely and effective advice is provided and the most productive outcomes for your business are achieved.

Business Succession

Why is Succession Planning so important?

Few business owners have had the time to develop a written succession plan.

It is often left to the last minute to answer all the difficult questions i.e. How can I retire? What is it worth? How will they pay for it ? Can we improve the value? Are there tax implications?

We believe making your business “Investor Ready” focuses your attention on key areas such as timing, valuation methodologies, funding solutions and improving the overall value of your business. Therefore it is crucial to have a documented strategy which clearly outlines all the processes and priorities and defines the best possible exit strategies.

Succession planning, for most business owners, represents a one-off opportunity to transfer a 'Lifetime of Effort” into their "Retirement Nest Egg".

In addition to the accounting and taxation services Hall Chadwick QLD offers the following services:

  • Establishment of Business Structures
  • Superannuation, Strategy and Advice
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Cash flow Management
  • Business Succession
  • Financial Advice
  • Asset Protection

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