Audit Approach

Hall Chadwick QLD approaches each job with personalised attention and the highest quality of service.  An engagement Partner leads the audit process from planning through completion, taking full responsibility for the quality of our audit service.  The Partner will be in attendance at all meetings with you including audit planning and scope meetings, audit progress meetings and meetings at the conclusion of the audit.  

We anticipate that your specific needs are as follows:

The audit should be conducted efficiently, on a timely basis and with minimum disruption to your Company.

The audit should be conducted professionally and give you absolute confidence that we will address all areas of particular risk and reach a valid audit opinion

Good communication with management and staff should be at the forefront of all audit communication.

We will address these needs by:

Thorough planning and meeting with you to discuss the audit objectives.

Conducting interim audit visits to carry out audit work, to assess problem areas for immediate resolution with management in higher risk areas and to compile a detailed management letter to report to you any deficiencies in the Company systems of internal control and to recommend strengthening those systems.

Conducting our final audit visit in accordance with the agreed timetable with a view to achieving audit clearance by the agreed date.

Our reporting will include the following as appropriate for each client:

  • Minutes of the audit planning meeting with management
  • Management letter following our interim audit
  • Minutes of the final audit planning meeting
  • Meetings as required or communications during the final audit to report on and discuss progress and issues
  • Final audit meeting prior to audit clearance
  • Audit completion report
  • Final management letter if applicable
  • Attendance at the year-end audit committee meeting
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