Hall Chadwick QLD has over 35 years of experience in providing advice to businesses in the Wholesale and Retail sectors. The firm has strong ties with both city and regionally based wholesale and retail businesses with turnovers ranging from that of a family business to those who directly compete with major publicly listed players.

Through our experience we have developed the following capabilities:


  • Detailed specialist knowledge of industry specific issues
  • Regular taxation planning process conducted prior to year end to legally optimise the tax position of a business
  • Assistance dealing with the ATO on GST, Luxury car tax and superannuation guarantee audits including submission of detailed objections

Accounting & Advisory

  • Provision of accounting services to all types of structures including the initial assessment and set up of appropriate structures
  • Analysis of performance and benchmarking to ascertain areas of issue such as margin analysis and improvement, wage cost and rental costs
  • Analysis of proposed premise leases and financial impacts
  • Budgeting for proposed business green field sites and established businesses
  • Preparation of due diligence reports regarding acquisitions

Banking & Financing

  • Our firm has close relationships with major and second tier banks as well as business finance brokers to assist in ongoing finance and expansion proposals and negotiations
  • Liaison with banks concerning finance reviews, consolidated results and covenant compliance including adherence to agreed performance ratios
  • Operational assistance with monitoring weekly cash flow for businesses


  • While the majority of our clients are family based businesses, we also represent corporate owned businesses
  • We offer a full range of audit, specialised tax advice and corporate advice to corporate clients
  • We can assist with the franchising of systems and have close legal advisors to ensure governance of the franchise code


Clients include:

  • Large supermarket groups
  • Family operated supermarkets
  • Motor vehicle retail groups
  • Motor Vehicle wholesalers
  • Produce retailers and wholesalers
  • Food wholesalers
  • Food retailers
  • Franchisors and franchisees

Director Contacts

Greg Kelly
Michael Cameron
Dugald Warby