ATO Scammers


MyGov Accounts Targeted by Hackers and ‘Scam-in-a-box’ Technology.

We wish to warn our valued clients and taxpayers of an increase in MyGov account breaches through targeted efforts by hackers.

We have recently witnessed an increase in scams where a text message has been sent asking for the taxpayer to ‘click through’ to what appears to be an ATO portal. These scams have resulted in the breaching of that taxpayers ATO account through access to the MyGov portal.

Often these text messages contain information to the taxpayer such as ‘act quickly’ which are designed to limit judgement and in doing so, access personal information.  

Unfortunately, these types of ATO breaches are not limited to this ‘Scam-in-a-box’ method. Taxpayers accounts can also be compromised by hackers who are able to obtain identifying information through other methods (dark web, email hacking etc.).

Should you come across anything related to your ATO or MyGov-linked tax portal that appears suspicious please first check the email address or phone number as it is usually obvious at this point that it is, in fact, not the ATO. The phone number will likely be international or from a mobile phone number.

To increase security, and mitigate the potential for scammers to obtain access to your MyGov account, we wish to offer the following advice:

  • Under no circumstances should a taxpayer ever send their TFN electronically, be it by email or text message.
  • Be careful sending emails that include scans or photos of identifying information such as a driver’s licence, Medicare card and/or passport.
  • Ensure your MyGov and related accounts are secure, change your password regularly and ensure it is strong.

Should you have any questions or suspect suspicious behaviour that does not correspond with the above, please don’t hesitate to contact your Hall Chadwick QLD advisor before acting.


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