Internship Wrap Up, A Day in the Life at HCQ


After the resounding success of last year’s program, we ran our second summer internship this January. Our internship program is designed to give our university students a ‘day in the life’ of working within an accounting firm, and the culture of HCQ.

While our fresh group of ten university students came from a variety of backgrounds and stages of study, all were keen to get their hands dirty and learn everything accounting!

Our interns worked on three client case studies and got a wide level of exposure across a variety of systems and teams. We also ran a variety of sessions on taxation, financial planning, corporate advisory, finance broking and marketing. The team from Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand dropped in to give the group an overview and advice on their journey to becoming a Chartered Accountant. To follow through with the HCQ spirit, where hard work is celebrated, the program culminated with a fun and interactive games night hosted in the Brisbane office.

The HCQ buddy system was in full form, set up to guide and inspire our interns. The buddies together with team managers provided much mentoring and support.

After getting exposure to the world of accounting at HCQ, our interns were unanimous that they have chosen a great path in accounting and look forward to taking the next steps in their careers.

We look forward to welcoming many of this fantastic group back to the HCQ team, and watching their careers grow!

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