Work-From-Home Shortcut Method Extension


The ATO has announced an extension to the work-from-home shortcut method until the end of June 2022.

This extension to the work-from-home method will see taxpayers able to claim the 80 cents per hour through this temporary shortcut method to calculate their work from home deductions.

This option provides greater flexibility to taxpayers who are able to choose the best method for their circumstances.

Eligibility requirements include the following:

  • If you worked from home and incurred some additional running expenses as a result
  • You must have a record of the number of hours you worked from home.

You can view more information on the work-from-home shortcut method and the eligibility requirements here.

The extension comes as a result of ‘continued extenuating circumstances of COVID-19’ and further lockdowns since July 1.

Should you need assistance with understanding this extension, the work-from-home method or the record keeping requirements, please contact your Hall Chadwick QLD advisor.

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