Client Spotlight: Kennedy Family Farm


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Kennedy Family Farm is a farm based in Victoria, who grow a variety of agricultural products, now with a focus on innovating to create unique products direct to the consumer.

The Kennedy Family Farm was established in 2018 by Emma and Sean Kennedy, complementing the Kennedy family farming business established by Sean’s parents John and Pat Kennedy, who after humble beginnings in wheat and sheep, began growing tomatoes for SPC in 1982.

Watch this short video put together by Serene Jane Media for Echuca Moama Tourism featuring this innovative family business and their incredible product, ‘Popcorn on the Cob’.

A full transcript of the video is available below.


Video Transcript 

Welcome to the Kennedy Family Farm. My name’s Emma, and I work on the family farm with my husband, Sean, and his parents, Pat and John. Pat and John have been working this land for about 40 years.
They started off with sheep, branched into tomatoes, and now grow a variety of cereal crops. One crop here that we’re focusing on today is popcorn crops.

So in 2018, we decided to have a look at what we were already growing. There was drought and we were going through some tough years. So we wanted to have a look at how we might be able to present our existing enterprises in a different manner. And the idea behind that is to offer some unique products that we package up by hand and sell direct to consumers. So I guess different to growing on a large scale, we can actually have a conversation with our customers and explain where their food comes from, how it’s packaged, and how it’s presented.

We handpick these cobs straight from the paddock when they’re dry. They’re removed from the plant and prepared with a brown paper bag around the edge. The little swing tag has some instructions on the back of how to pop. And they pop directly off the cob in the microwave.

We have an absolute passion for farming. We love celebrating what’s in season and sharing this with our customers. So our popcorn on the cob product, it’s unique and it’s interesting. So it’s a conversation startup. We invite our customers to not only try our popcorn, but we hope that they have a unique experience so that they make a memory, they start a conversation themselves, they share it with their family and friends. It’s more important than ever before for people to connect with where their food comes from.

We feel so lucky to be living and working in regional Victoria. We are connected to so many wonderful little communities, like Colbinabbin and Rochester with their amazing silo art. And our farm is only 40 minutes from Euhuca Moama. It’s such a beautiful region to visit, explore, and live.

Since 2018, it’s been an absolute whirlwind, from social work to being a mom of three, full-time farming, and running a small business. My life has changed in a different direction to what it started. Now, it’s really exciting to do something different within the family business.

If you would like to find out more about Kennedy Farm Produce and their innovative ‘Popcorn on the Cob’ please visit their website or follow their Facebook page @KennedyFarmProduce

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