Energy Incentives for Small Business

Small Business Energy Incentive

The federal government has recently announced a third small business boost – the small business energy incentive which will allow small businesses to benefit from more efficient energy use. Read more here.

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small business boost program

Business Boost Grants Program, Round 3

Small businesses could be eligible to receive up to $20,000 with the latest round of Business Boost Grants.
The program assists small businesses to enhance their efficiency and productivity in three key areas. Read more here.

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Small Businesses Secure your Domain Names

Small Businesses, Secure Your Domain

Small businesses are urged to take action to safeguard their brand and identity online by 20 September through securing a shorter .au domain.

Find out about the Priority process for registrations before 20 September, and how to register .au domains for your business by reading more here.

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Five Questions to ask in Buying a Small Business

Choosing the right business to buy however is one of the most important decisions you might make in your life.

In order to determine whether buying a business is right for you, ask yourself the following five questions. Read more here.

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Small Business Month

Queensland Small Business Month 2022

May is Queensland Small Business Month and there are a wide variety of activities and events on offer for small business. Choose from an event located near you, or a series of online webinars designed to educate and inspire the small business owner. Read more here.

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