World Environment Day


We strive to continually develop and improve our sustainability actions and knowledge at Hall Chadwick QLD. In honour of World Environment Day, we’ve chosen to celebrate the milestones we’ve achieved already towards making HCQ Green.

Since 2019, we have recycled 39 boxes of used Nespresso Pods which is over 58,000 pods. The pods get broken down into aluminium and grounds. The aluminium is 100% recyclable and is repurposed in bicycles, kitchen utensils or another pod, and so much more. The grounds are used in compost fertilizer or transformed into renewable energy, like biofuel.

To put this in perspective our 58,000 pods would fill a 2,200-litre cattle trough (picture for reference below).

In an effort to reduce paper, we have more than halved our black & white printing since November 2019. Our clients are loving our move towards digital offering even more convenience alongside the environmental benefits.

We have been a part of the Close the Loop cartridge recycling program since 2018. Over that time, we have recycled 133 cartridges which can provide a standard supermarket with 3 hours of energy.

In July 2022 we started collecting eligible containers for the Containers for Change program. Since then, we have recycled 936 containers.

Our spirit to improve and deliver more impactful initiatives within our office and across our community continues.

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